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About Us

Vitomalia is your online dog school and store for dog people who value safety, contemporary design and functionality. As our own products, our items only use specially manufactured materials and packaging. We do not use white label products in order to differentiate ourselves from the competition through higher quality and functionality. Our products are constantly improved through testing and customer feedback.

As the first online dog school in German-speaking countries, we offer you and your dog cooperative, professional training and everyday education. Our approach is based on affection, continuity and consistency to create a strong team between you and your dog. Through positive reinforcement, collaboration and clear boundaries, we accompany you through every step of your upbringing.

Kynlologie & Hundeverhaltenstherapie


Im Anschluss an unser Studium (Sport und Psychologie) hat uns die Begeisterung für Hunde zu einer neuen Berufung geführt: der Hundeverhaltenstherapie in Kombination mit der Hundewissenschaft. Dies ist die Basis für unser umfangreiches kynologisches Fachwissen. Mithilfe unserer praxtischen und theoretischen Expertise möchten wir dir ein kompetentes und alltagstaugliches online Hundetraining bieten. Dabei wird dir jeder Schritt logisch nachvollziehbar in den Videos erklärt und im Kursmaterial mit inhaltlichen Fachwissen und zusätzlichen Trainingsmaterial erläutert. Du erhältst in unserer Online Hundeschule nicht nur Informationen über das "Wie", sondern darüber hinaus über das "Warum". Unsere Community profitiert von unseren hilfreichen Informationen und den praktischen Trainingstipps. In unserem Online Store nutzen wir unseren Alltag mit unseren Hunden, um qualitativ hochwertige Produkte mit hoher Funktionalität zu vereinen. Dein Feedback hilft uns dabei, täglich besser zu werden und die Produkte stets zu verbessern.

Happiness Manager


Vito is responsible at Vitomalia for ensuring that everyone relaxes enough and has something to grin about. He is the calm and balanced guy that everyone likes.

More about Vito

Vito is an American Staffordshire Terrier mix. Vito was born on February 28, 2015 in Taunus. Since he doesn't have an official pedigree, Vito is considered a mix, i.e. not purebred. However, this does not change the fact that Vito is classified as a listed dog. But shh! He doesn't know anything about it himself... And so Vito dawdles through life with his carefree nature and gullibility and is happy about everything and everyone. Everywhere Vito goes, he puts a smile on people's faces. He is certainly not the most motivated employee, but he is indispensable.

Quality inspector


Everything it can handle is suitable for our online store. Amalia tests our products extensively and has a lot of fun doing it.

More about Amalia

Amalia was actually called Kaya and was born on January 28th, 2016 in Italy. We met her on a trip to Italy when she was still a puppy. She is a purebred American Pitbull Terrier with pedigree. But official breeding is not always a seal of quality for good breeding selection. Amalia caused great difficulties in her first family due to strong peer aggression and so she came to us as a young dog. She is a working dog through and through. Amalia is always motivated, would never let her responsibilities slide and you can always rely on her. Give up? Doesn't know her.