Water collar with structured HydroTex rubber for dogs - with protruding inner lining - orange

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The structured HydroTex rubber water collar offers an ideal combination of comfort, durability and functionality for dogs. The unique HydroTex rubber is water-repellent and durable and features a textured surface that allows for improved grip.

The special protruding inner lining provides additional comfort and prevents chafing and pressure points, even during long walks or intensive play. The water-resistant materials and durable construction make the collar not only resistant to the elements, but also easy to clean.

The black metal parts and the scratch-resistant D-ring not only give the collar an attractive look, but also ensure high tensile strength and longevity. Available in three different widths (3 cm, 4 cm and 5 cm), the HydroTex rubber water collar allows for an optimal fit for every dog.

With the HydroTex Textured Rubber Water Collar, dogs receive a collar that is both stylish and functional, emphasizing comfort, durability and easy cleaning.

Vitomalia's HydroTex textured water collar is specifically designed for use in water activities and wet conditions, making it the ideal choice for dogs who enjoy playing in the water, live in rainy areas or spend vacations by the water with their owners. Here are some of the main benefits that the water activity collar offers:

Water-repellent: Vitomalia's HydroTex rubber repels water, so the collar dries quickly and doesn't get soaked. This prevents unpleasant odors and reduces the risk of mold and bacterial growth.

Swimming and Water Play: The collar is perfect for dogs who enjoy swimming or playing with water toys. It can withstand immersion in water and the associated stresses without losing its shape or function.

Weatherproof: Whether it's rain, snow or fog, the collar is ready for all weather conditions and always offers your dog comfort and safety without compromising its performance.

Vacation by the water: This collar is the ideal solution for dog owners who spend their vacations on the beach, lake or river. It is resistant to salt water, sand and other environmental influences that can occur during water activities.

Easy to clean: The collar is easy to clean after a day in the water. Dirt, sand and salt can be easily rinsed or wiped off, so the collar always remains clean and well-maintained.

Vitomalia's HydroFlex textured water collar allows you and your dog to enjoy the joys of water activities, rainy days and waterfront vacations without worrying about comfort, safety or durability.

Um die Langlebigkeit und Qualität deiner Vitomalia Halsbänder, Hundeleinen und Geschirre zu gewährleisten, ist eine angemessene Pflege unerlässlich. Hier sind einfache Schritte, um deine Produkte der Aqua Editon aus HydroTex-Strukturgummi in bestem Zustand zu halten:

Regelmäßige Reinigung:
→ Oberflächliche Verschmutzungen: Entferne groben Schmutz und Haare regelmäßig mit einem nassen Tuch.
→ Handwäsche: Bei Bedarf kannst du die Produkte in lauwarmem Wasser ohne Waschmittel reinigen. Einfach für 2 Minuten in Wasser einweichen und sanft reiben, um leichte Verschmutzungen zu entfernen.
→ Handwäsche bei starker Verschmutzung: Falls sich festsitzender Schlamm im strukturierten HydroTex-Gummi verfangen hat, kann eine weiche Bürste verwendet werden. Bürste den getrockneten Schlamm sanft aus. Bei Bedarf kannst du anschließend eine milde Seifenlösung mit einer weichen Bürste verwenden, um groben Schmutz zu entfernen. Vermeide aggressive Reinigungsmittel oder harte Bürsten, die das Material beschädigen könnten.

→ Lufttrocknung: Lasse die Produkte nach der Reinigung an der Luft trocknen. Vermeide direkte Sonneneinstrahlung und Hitzequellen, um Materialschäden vorzubeugen. Damit deine Aqua Edition noch schnell trocknet, kannst du die Oberfläche des HydroTex-Strukturgummis mit einem trockenen Tuch abtrocknen.

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Wasserhalsband mit Strukturiertem HydroTex-Gummi für Hunde - Mit Abstehender Innenfütterung - Orange - Vitomalia -

Vitomalia HydroTex rubber

The textured HydroFlex rubber offers an excellent combination of water-repellent, durable and grip properties that make it the ideal choice for a dog collar. Water repellency protects against moisture, odors, mold and bacterial growth, while durability ensures the collar can withstand wear, tear and pulling, even from strong dogs. The non-slip structure makes it easier to put on and take off the collar and allows for safer handling without slipping. In addition, the soft, flexible material ensures optimal comfort and is particularly suitable for dogs with sensitive skin. The durability of the HydroFlex rubber ensures that the quality and functionality of the collar is maintained over the long term.

Protruding inner lining

The protruding inner lining of the collar is a crucial feature that ensures additional comfort for the dog and prevents chafing and pressure points during long walks or intensive play. This special lining acts as a soft padding between the collar and the dog's neck, reducing skin irritation and discomfort. The combination of this internal lining and the structured HydroTex rubber creates a collar that is both comfortable and functional, supporting the dog's well-being during any activity.

Wasserhalsband mit Strukturiertem HydroTex-Gummi für Hunde - Mit Abstehender Innenfütterung - Orange - Vitomalia -
Wasserhalsband mit Strukturiertem HydroTex-Gummi für Hunde - Mit Abstehender Innenfütterung - Orange - Vitomalia -

Easy cleaning

The easy cleaning of the collar is another advantage made possible by the water-repellent materials and durable construction. Thanks to these properties, the collar is easy to clean and care for. Dirt and debris can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth or water, and the collar dries quickly without losing its shape or function. This means the collar always remains hygienically clean and in perfect condition, while the time required for cleaning and care is reduced to a minimum.

Robust metal parts

The collar's sturdy metal parts, including the black metal hardware and scratch-resistant D-ring, contribute significantly to the product's tensile strength, durability and attractive appearance. These high-quality metal components are designed to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use and will not break or bend, even with hard-pulling dogs. In addition, the scratch-resistant D-ring gives the collar additional resistance to wear, so that it retains its attractive and well-maintained appearance for a long time. The combination of stability and style makes this collar an excellent choice for discerning dog owners.

Wasserhalsband mit Strukturiertem HydroTex-Gummi für Hunde - Mit Abstehender Innenfütterung - Orange - Vitomalia -

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